Blogging in Divorce is Not Advised

An article recently appeared in the UPI.com site about a Pennsylvania man who blogs about his divorce creating ThePsychoWife.com and makes a free speech dispute. Blogging in divorce is not advised because it’s more likely to hurt your case then to help it.  Although the original site is not up because the judge order it to be removed, a copy of it has been made available here and the site includes a copy of the redacted court records. If your in the middle of a custody dispute, creating disparaging remarks about your ex-wife will be used against you in your custody custody case. The website made references to the wife as being a black out drunk, a psycho, and also made negative references to the judge.

Including an excerpt from the savethepsychoexwife.com:

Imagine a judge telling you that you cannot talk about your children on “any public media” – which would include things like Facebook updates, Twitter, or your personal blog – or you will lose custody.  Imagine the far-reaching consequences for bloggers everywhere if orders such as this one are left unchallenged?  There goes your online support group.  There goes your Facebook and Twitter updates.

It’s a matter of personal preference if you want to prioritize time with your children over debating free speech on the internet to tell the world what you really think of your ex.