Creative Living Situations for Divorcing Couples

An article on the economy, cheating and divorce appeared on CNBC earlier this week suggesting “Bad Economy?  A Good Time for a Steamy Affair.”  The article talks about creative living situations for divorcing couples including “nesting” where divorced parents take turns living in the house when it’s their turn with the kids.  Some couples are even sharing the same apartment for times they are not at the house with the kids.  Although these creative approaches can help save money, they will not work for every couple.  The article also suggests that couples are having affairs while they wait for the housing market to recover.

With new bank rules, it now takes from six to 18 months for the bank to foreclose on a property, when that process used to just take six months. As a result, he said, some couples are getting creative and having one spouse stay in the home through the foreclosure process.

Read the entire article here:  http://www.cnbc.com/id/44428342