Steps to Take Before Planning a January Divorce in 2012

Jeff Landers published an article in Forbes last week talking about checklist steps to take before planning a divorce in 2012. Most people want to get through the holidays to take actions for divorce, which makes perfect sense.  Jeff points out the January is the most common month for divorce.  If you are planning a divorce in January, take a look at the checklist recommended by Jeff.

  1. Start collecting financial documents
  2. Check your credit report
  3. Research divorce professionals in your area
  4. Open new accounts in your name
  5. Remain vigilant about your tax returns

One important recommendation is that you should think twice about filing a joint return with your spouse for 2011 if you suspect any bad information is being represented to the IRS on tax returns.

Read the entire article here:  http://www.forbes.com/sites/jefflanders/2011/12/06/end-of-the-year-checklist-for-divorcing-women/