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Risk of Dying is 23% Higher In Divorcées over Married People

Tweet Share MSN Lifestyle published an articles that talks about how your risk of dying is 23% higher in divorcees over married people and kills at the same rate as smoking.  Although this comparison is shocking, there are several good reasons for this. Wives often act like de facto healthcare proxies and early detection of …

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Researchers Link Early Death to Divorce

Tweet Share Researchers David Sbarra, Rita Law, and Robert Portley from the University of Arizona recently published a study to link early death to divorce.  The study demonstrates the link between divorce and early death and found that adults who were divorced were 23% more likely to die younger than their married peers.  Divorce rates were …

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Marriage Could Improve Survival Chances After Heart Surgery

Tweet Share Marriage is thought to have a number of health benefits, including greater longevity, less stress and a lower risk of heart disease, diabetes, and depression. Now, a new study suggests you can add a better survival rate after heart surgery to the list of health perks. Overall, people who were married when they …

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