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What Will Happen To Marriages In Libya Post-Gaddafi?

Tweet Share The one area where Islamic law is nearly universal is in personal status law – rules concerning marriage, divorce and inheritance. Sharia allows men to marry up to four women, without the approval of one another even without their knowledge. Men are also allowed to divorce their wives by proclamation.


Muslim Leader Ordered To Pay $80 Million To Ex-Wife

Tweet Share PARIS — The French press is calling it the most expensive divorce settlement in the country’s history: A court has ordered the Aga Khan to pay his ex-wife $80 million.


Canadian Court Rejects Petition For Sharia Law-Mandated Spousal Support

Tweet Share The B.C. Supreme Court has turned down a petition for payment of a dowry under a marriage contract authorized in a sharia court of Amman, Jordan. Huwayda Al-Masri had asked the court to compel her ex-husband Ossama Aziz to pay her a dowry of 500 grams of 21-carat gold, which is currently worth …

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